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Locks Down - Atlanta GA 2021



The Water Resistant Locks Down by Deon - The Rain Coat for Your Hair
Water Resistant, Great for rainy days - Showers when you don't want to wash  your hair 

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1. a tress, curl, or ringlet of hair.

2. locks, the hair of the head.


Locks Down by Deon :

The NEW Patented Hair Care Accessory that caters to Natural Hair, Dread Locks, Long Hair, Long Hair Weaves in a Fashion Conscious Manner!

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Circle of Sisters New York Locks Down by

Use Locks Down for:


* Men, Women & Children


* All Hair types / testures


* Overnight


* Poolside


* After showering


* Salon


* Motorcycle rides


* Food Service


* Formal events


* Everyday fashion


* And More     


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Terry Cloth Locks Down by Deon 

The Bathrobe for your Hair 

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